Electrical & Electronics Engineering degree is a stepping stone to a wide range of careers ranging from computer science to business. ABRCET prepares sound ground to equip the students to this creative engineering streak. The facilities at the department include:


  1. Electrical Machinery Labs
  2. Power Electronics Labs
  3. Electrical Workshop
  4. Control Systems Lab
  5. Power Systems Lab

IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering), is a connected body with this department to organize activities like group discussions, seminars, paper contests, panel discussions, technical meets, etc. Online interactions with technical persons and projects models is a common activity of its members. A guest lecture by WIPRO. Vice President in March, 2005 reflects the activities of IEEE. The in-house publications of IEEE is E-guardinia.


To be a pioneering department in preparing students to compete globally in their profession, to reach the highest levels of intellectual attainment, making significant contributions to society.

Department of EEE will strive continuously

  • To be the center of excellence with focus on advanced technology
  • To prepare the students for successful career based on a strong moral and ethical foundations
  • To advance the state – of – art in electrical and electronics Engineering
  • To train and educate students as Global Citizens to become entrepreneurs in their chosen field


  • To serve the Rural Community for its enrichment and advancement.
  • To secure autonomy in Two years.
  • To improve the students Academic performance to 100%.
  • To improve Campus placements to 100%.
  • To set up a research development laboratory and to motivate the Faculty and Students in Research and Publication work.
  • To ensure faculty and staff development for effective teaching learning process.
  • To forge strong alliances with sister institutions and industries.
  • To initiate the R & D work.
  • To conduct as many as bridge courses
  • To enter MOU’s with as many industries as possible
  • To enhance employability of students

No.Of students Intake:120