Mechanical Engineering

Students of this discipline will have the advantage of studying not only with a leading engineering department but also with the institute with a number of distinctive strengths. The programme is well supported by excellent faculty and top-class learning facilities. Full-fledged resource labs are available to the students in the areas of:

  1. Applied Thermodynamics
  2. Thermal Engineering
  3. CAD/CAM
  4. Metal Forming
  5. Machine Tools
  6. Metal Casting
  7. Metrology and Instrumentation

. It is actively involved in the academic and personal support-activities for the students like group discussions, quiz, seminars etc., This association members are known for outstanding performance in technical paper contests..


To Procedure industry oriented Mechanical Engineering Graduates with good acumen and Perception in all the mechanical subjects that are more eligible to suite to the industries with the latest and sophisticated technologies.


To occupy as one among the best performing Mechanical Engineering Department and to become the best contributor for the development of our country industrially.

  • To conduct industry oriented Training camp for the students to acclimatize them with the present modern technologies.
  • To Create Research & Development wing to improve their innovative thought that facilitates their contribution in up dating the technology.
  • To enhance their expertise and skill to make them suitable for the sophisticated industries.
  • To enhance their vision and approach to bring further sophistication in industries.


No.Of students Intake:60